Are Sanitas products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, Sanitas offers a wide range of products within our collection that are safe and effective to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend consulting with your physician prior to beginning any skin care program during this time. We are also happy to connect you to a trained skin care therapist to help devise the regimen that is right for your needs.

Why should I only buy Sanitas products from an authorized spa, salon, skin therapy center or medical office?

Over the last several years, the issues of online diversion and unauthorized distribution of professional grade skincare lines, including Sanitas Skincare, have increasingly become problems. Although very difficult to control, it is a matter we have been actively confronting and addressing.

Sanitas Skincare is a professional grade product line that prides itself on the quality of our active, results oriented formulations and requires the expertise of a trained skin care professional for optimal effects. As such, it is our policy to only allow our products to be sold through authorized distributors that have received the proper training and education.

Please be aware that our products are carefully crafted and have a limited shelf life that can be tracked by unique manufacturing codes and lot numbers. To circumvent this system of quality control, certain third party sellers have obliterated these numbers rendering it impossible for us to understand when the product was manufactured and if it is still safe to use. We strongly advise you purchase Sanitas only from verified and authorized resellers to ensure that you are receiving authentic Sanitas products. If you purchase Sanitas from third party websites, you risk purchasing products that are expired, tampered with, imitation or damaged. If the website does not have a clearly listed satisfaction guarantee and a means to contact the seller for guidance, this is likely not an authorized seller.

click here to find a list of authorized Sanitas retailers near you or call us at 888-855-8425.

What is the shelf life of your products?

The average shelf life of a Sanitas product is one year after opening. You can locate this information on Sanitas packaging by finding the Period After Opening icon. This icon features an image of an open jar with the numbers 6, 12 or 24 to indicate the number of months we guarantee the product to be fresh and effective after opening.

Are Sanitas products gluten free?

Yes, Sanitas products are proudly manufactured gluten free.

Are Sanitas products vegan?

Sanitas products are vegan friendly.

For those following a vegan lifestyle, avoid the following products:

  • Milk & Honey Cleanser
  • Milk & Honey Body Butter
  • Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub
  • Milk & Honey Body Wrap (professional only)
  • EFA Complete

All other products are vegan.

Do you test on animals?

No, Sanitas products are not tested on animals. We carry our cruelty free certification, ensuring that all of our products and our entire supply chain of resources comply with no animal testing policies. We are not sold in regions of the world that require such testing.

Where are Sanitas Skincare products made?

Sanitas products are all formulated, manufactured and distributed from our corporate headquarters located in Boulder County, Colorado. We are proud to control every aspect of our product quality, from the moment the product is conceived until it touches your skin.

What do you mean by “biogenic”?

Biogenic ingredients are innately found in the skin and they boost the skin's own natural ability to heal and regenerate itself. These ingredients create rapid results with less chance for allergenicity and without toxicity.

How do I become a Sanitas spa partner?

Sanitas is sold only through licensed skin care professionals or medical offices. Please click here for more information on how to open an account or contact us at 888-855-8425.

Why do you recommend using products that contain acids only three days per week?

Acids are active ingredients designed to stimulate skin and encourage skin renewal, but daily use could result in overstimulation and potential irritation. Just as you wouldn’t exercise a muscle group every day, your skin needs a day off to rest and regenerate also. This creates a cycle for continuous skin improvement.

How do I place an international order?

You can contact us at internationalorders@sanitas-skincare.com.

How do I find a Sanitas spa near me?

To purchase Sanitas products or find a Sanitas trained skin therapist, please click here.